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Don’t be afraid to try your hand at learning code. It’s easier than you think – all you need is time, patience and enthusiasm.

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Enable others

Already got the skills? Help others to start their own digital journey. Offer a little encouragement and give them a head start.

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Learning something new should be fun. Coding involves problem solving, creative thinking and can even lead to a new career!


“As a telecoms company at the forefront of the digital revolution, it is critical for our business that we are able to employ skilled staff. We are supporting National Coding Week to raise awareness of the opportunities in this dynamic sector.” – Graeme Millar, Chief Executive | JT Group Ltd

“The EU supports National Coding Week and EU Code Week because when children and adults code and program, they learn skills for solving real-life problems which are in demand by the jobs of the present and future.” – Yasemin Allsop, EU Code Week Ambassador

“National Coding Week is a great opportunity for adults to try platforms like Codecademy to experience how accessible and valuable learning digital skills can be, encouraging evolution and education regardless of age or career stage” – Rachel Swidenbank, Head of UK operations | Codecademy.

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How you can get involved


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Reverse Mentoring

Option 1 | Bond with people

Do you know someone who is learning code or who works with it? This could be your child/grandchild who is learning code at school, a neighbour, or a work colleague. Get them to teach you for a couple of hours during the week. This is a simple way to start your digital journey.



Learn Online

Option 2 | The resource is infinite

Online learning is one of the easiest ways to get started with coding. There is a wide selection of companies that will offer free training, tutorials, or trials. Here’s a couple:
Team Tree House ➞ Codecademy ➞

Online Course Codex


Offer your skills Codex

Offer your skills

Option 3 | Share the digital love

For our 2014 inaugural week we have approached people in each region and asked them to hold an event to promote coding. If you want to organise your own then please do so and let us know. Remember we can help promote it but can’t help you organise it – this is our “crowd sourced approach”.

If you are a computer programmer, developer or digital professional and would like to offer your services, get in touch regarding next year’s week.



Attend a local course

Option 4 | Where there’s a will, there’s a way

Don’t feel daunted by the prospect of attending a course. The trainers will want you to enjoy the experience and gain confidence. Beginners’ courses are very popular and will assume you have very little or no previous knowledge to get you started. To find your nearest provider just use Google!


Local course Codex



For our first National Coding Week we are relying on people to organise their own local events or be guided by the 4 options we have suggested. National Coding Week is not a Government body or bureaucratic organisation, it operates using a crowd-sourced approach. We would love to know what you are doing!

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Using our unique formula, our aim is to develop the skills and confidence of people in order to have a significant impact on the digital economy.

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The Reality

According to the EU, there will be a digital skills shortage leading to up to 1.3 million jobs remaining unfilled by 2020. Our mission is to ensure the adult population doesn't miss out on the digital opportunities.


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